Beer League at TWR with Destihl Brewery’s Abby’s Single

Destihl Brewery - They're our neighbors!

Hey, what's up Beer League!? We're getting down with another beer from Destihl Brewery just over in Bloomington, Illinois. We're all big proponents of drinking locally and we're glad to try another beer from Destihl for Beer League this week. 

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There's the usual split decisions on this beer - and not without reason. When you're brewing a trappist / Belgian-style abbey people already have a vision in their head of what it's going to taste like, so any deviation from the norm could be unexpected. Or it could be a refreshing change on a classic beer. Or it might just be a darn good trappist / Belgian-style abbey that we'll drink all over. Us, we're hoping for the latter.

Bryan McPherson - Friday, February 17 at 8 PM - 11 PM

Bryan McPherson and Clayton Scott Live at The Waiting Room!

NO COVER! Tips Appreciated!

Having toured relentlessly since 2012, Bryan has countless full North American Tours under his belt, as well as a 2 European Tours in 2015.
He has toured with, opened up for, and shared the stage with many great artists - including Steve Earle, Chuck Berry, the Dropkick Murphys, Tim Barry, Cory Branan and Hamel on Trial to name a few.

Oh the reviews!

Beer Advocate

Abby's Single pours a golden color with a small lacing head. Big boozy aroma with hints of spice. Taste has a nice spice flavor upfront, then a flat bitter medicine like aftertaste. Good body and feel. Overall, its not bad, but stick with their sours.

Even more reviews!


On tap at Pretentious Beer. Clear orange, nice white head. Hearty, bready aroma. Taste is like a sweet bread. You like Hawaiian bread or something like that. Nicely full bodied. Plenty of yeasty flavors as it warms. Pretty tasty.

Beer League - It's What's for Dinner

We'll see you this Thursday and every Thursday for Beer League at The Waiting Room!

We send out the beer every week in an email as well - some people like that more than having to go through the website or checking our facebook. So join up!

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