Beer League at TWR: The Commodore From Ballast Point Brewing

An American Stout at Beer League

This week we're having Ballast Point Brewing's The Commodore, which they call:

The Commodore came out of our search for a medium-bodied American Stout. The recipe began at our R&D pilot brewery, but quickly became a favorite of our crew. Strong flavors of roast coffee and bittersweet chocolate balance with light citrusy hop aromas, highlighted by a crisp, bitter finish. One sip of this gold medal-winning stout will have you ready to take command of your own fleet.

We'll take a look at some reviews of The Commodore as well and get an idea about the kinda beer we'll be drinking this Thursday.


[brewerydb_beer id=iMCZa5]

Port Review

Beer Advocate

Had a pint at the brewpub in Little Italy with a late lunch today for $5.00.

Beer was served black as night with a nice tan head.

Nose had some nice roastiness with a hint of dark chocolate and coffee.

Taste was medium roasted malts with a touch of cocoa and coffee. Hopping was adequate enough to balance things out nicely.

Mouthfeel was medium bodied and pretty smooth.

Overall a solid offering that i would have again.

Starboard Review


12 ounce bottle from hayduke that we had together via facebook chat. Looks like a stout. This is full of roastiness. Chocolate, too. It is pretty much a classic stout but has bigger roast than most. Some vanilla and plenty of earth. Bitterness is very moderate but grows and there is a hint of spice. That chocolate is dark bakers variety. This is good stuff.

Beer League - It's What's for Dinner

We'll see you this Thursday and every Thursday for Beer League at The Waiting Room!

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