Beer League @ TWR: Caledonian Brewing Newcastle Werewolf

NOTE: This post was originally sent as an email in 2012! Years ago!

In case you missed all the excitement, Jonesy took 1st and 2nd place at the homebrew competition – it’s kind of a big deal considering his dedication to making beer as a hobby, and drinking beer as a professional. Big thanks to Tina, Joel, and Dave for coming out with the Captaineers to drink what ended up being free beer. But you don’t care about beer you didn’t drink, you care about the beer that you will be drinking which is…

…Newcastle Werewolf from Caledonian Brewing – the makers of Newcastle Brown Ale. Another limited run beer from Caledonian, this comes as a follow-up to us previously trying to sample Newcastle Summer Ale, which we would have done had the distributer managed to actually deliver on their goods. This time they’re gonna pull through for us, which is good because the good folks across the pond describe this as, “Legend has it that a beast roams the moors and plains of Newcastle Upon Tyne. It’s part man, part wolf, and more than a little wild— the perfect inspiration for a Limited Edition ale. Newcastle Werewolf comes at you with a dark, startling aroma, a roasty flavor, and a final taste ofhops that leaves you howling for more.”


Beer Advocate has it in the mid-70’s, which is about par for a brewery known for one beer:

As far as this website is concerned, I was born in 1914:

A part-time-substitute-Beer-Leaguer and friend of The Captaineers is leaving STL for school up in the capitol of the United States. Thanks TW for teaching me what you could and tolerating me when I couldn’t be taught.

See you tomorrow for a hot patio, a cold beer, and lively friendship!

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