Beer League @ TWR: Boulevard Hibiscus Gose

Happy Thursday, Beer League!

We’re not exactly what you’d call seasonal with our beer style selection for the most part. We try to keep it light during the summer, for the most part, but we also like sneaking in some stouts and porters as we can. There’s only so much light, crisp beer you can drink before you need a changeup. And that’s what this weeks beer is – a changeup from the typical light & crisp beers into a realm that we haven’t even BEGUN to explore yet at League: sours. Or pink beers. Well, both really.

We’re not talking atomic warhead candy sours, but rather what Boulevard has called their entry to sour beers. And rather than summarize what they have said, how about I just copy and paste it right from the Boulevard Brewing website:

Our version of an unusual, yet resurgent, beer style. It pays tribute to the pleasantly sour, slightly salty wheat beers that originated in Goslar and became popular in Leipzig, Germany around the late 1800’s. A great introductory sour beer, Hibiscus Gose receives coriander and sea salt during boiling, then we steep dried hibiscus flowers at the end to create a vibrant pink hue (really, though, it’s pink!). The result is a tangy, sweet and sour ale with a refreshing citrus character.

The reality of our first sour beer also being our first pink beer is probably just now sinking in. But lest you be afraid of pink or sour, check out this review from Beer Advocate:

Smokestack. Damn. Best by 1/16/16. Poured into the standard tulip with a clear, intriguing rose-tinted body and no visible head. Hue must be from the hibiscus (I assume). Aromas of light coriander, a saline note, something akin to a berry aroma, clean well-defined nose to be sure. Palate is met with an extremely delicate balance. Some tartness up front (not puckering, but noticeable), natural-tasting berry flavors around the blackberry range, slight sweetness… moving towards the coriander in the middle of the mouth. All balanced by a hint of salt that does well to set off the other flavors. Nothing overpowering. Effervescent, refreshing, and palate-cleansing. Restrained and unique take on the style. Try it. I was pleasantly surprised.

And the reviews on Rate Beer are just as dang good:

Pours a wonderful brassy pink/orange with almost no head at all. Aroma is quite floral and fruity, dates, hibiscus, apple vinegar, dandelion, and a mild white pepper musk. Flavor is Tart and citric, with a wonderful floral note sliding in prominently beneath the sour. The hibiscus is very evident, and yet perfectly proportioned. The coriander is more complimentary and less obvious than in many beers. Ends salty and sweet. Really, really nice.

So get in tonight and try something new – a gose with the most!

Boulevard Brewing:

Beer Advocate:

Rate Beer:

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