Beer League @ TWR: Böse Roggen – Excel Brewing Company + CANNED FOOD DRIVE!

Hey there, Beer Leaguer!

I get to do a lot of cool things in my role as one of the two Beer League Captaineer’s that are (nominally) in charge of  ensuring you have a different beer every week, but one of my absolute favorites is picking a sampling of wares when a new brewery opens up – or in this weeks case – getting to talk about a beer redemption. Redemptionbrau. So let’s talk about Excel Bottling, then move forward into talking about the beer we’re sample: Böse Roggen.

We’ve had excel beers in the past, and I think we all agree that it was… underwhelming. All that has changed now, as Excel has brought in a new head brewer, and change the entire lineup of their beers. Out with the old, in with the new – and the Riverfront Times has a better writeup than I ever could:

Excel Brewing Company doesn’t get mentioned as much as the other craft breweries around St. Louis, but perhaps a new look and a new line of beers will change that. It’s much more well-known for its sister operation, Excel Bottling, which has been making pure sugar cane sodas since the 1930s; beer production began in 2012.

Excel has brewed craft beers before, but all of those have officially retired to make way for the new release, spokesperson Joe Zydlo tells us. The beers are also part of an expanded distribution in St. Louis.

They’re making really great beers at Excel these days, and we’re excited to bring these new great beers to Beer League. The Excel website doesn’t have descriptions of their new beers (yet…) so I’ll get some copypasta going from Beer Advocate and MadCoBeerMan14. I find it hard to believe that there were 14 other people with this name already, but whatever, BeerMan says, “Thick 1-1/2 fingers foam head. Dark Chocolate Coffee Color. Licorice Aroma. Smooth coffe taste from tip of tongue to back of throat with a hint of licorice. Foam Head diminishes quickly.

Over at RateBeer, StrykeZone from Wood Ryver, Yllynoys (don’t blame me, he started yt) says, “Draft at Highflyers Grille at CM airport. This beer is black and sported a one finger beige head. A definite “lager” feel to this beer seemed to smooth and calm things. I had this right after a Big Sky Zombie Monkie and they are almost the same beer except for what I will call the lager effect. Chocolate was in front with some citrus fruit and bitterness. Just a little roasted flavors and aromas. A smoothing effect to the malts. This is very easy to drink.”


We try to pull in canned foods at least twice a year, and we’ve been slacking. So bring in a canned good or non-perishable food item to TWR between now and Monday to support your friends and neighbors. Hunger strikes close to home for everyone, let’s do our part here in St. Louis to help out those in need. Don’t worry, if you forget we’ll send you over to Big Lots to buy some stuff. Because you’re not eating chilli if you’re not donating. Simple as that.

And lastly – The Waiting Room would like to announce that in the very, very near future all soft drink service at the bar will be provided by Excel.So, no more Coke products. In honor of this announcement, I’d like to share this little ditty from a band called Negativland off their album Dispepsi. Sure, TWR is ditching Coke, but Negativland never wrote an album called Discoke, and this video does have both Bill Cosby and Max Headroom in it, so we’re literally two polar bears short of all the Coke icons of my youth.

Join us in saying, “Goodbye!” to tooth-rotting and fat put-oning corn syrup, and a hearty “Hello!” to (I’m sure equally bad) pure cane sugar. Made locally by a family that cares about their business and customers, because that’s the kinda folks they are. Welcome to Beer League, Excel – and welcome to TWR!


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