Beer League @ TWR: Beer League Turns Five!

Well, we knew it would happen someday. It had to.

After years of microbrews, the occasional macro masquerading as craft beer, and arguments on whether Leonard Part 6 is the best movie ever made (Hint: it isn’t) our little Beer League is starting Kindergarten. That precocious little scamp that collected labels from the beers we tried has grown and evolved into a Beer League Wall of Fame covered in plaques for every Beer Leaguer who has tried fifty beers with us. When you look at it, you’ll notice that there are quite a few names with pins next to them. Each pin represents fifty beers, with the Sarah the Captaineer leading the pack followed closely by her brother Robert.

They are the competitive lifeblood of Beer League. When you consider that their accomplishments are weighed by how many weeks they have shown up to drink a beer, the true depth of their athletic prowess and sense of accomplishment becomes truly evident. Sarcasm doesn’t work well on the internet.


What started out as a pet project to keep Captaineer Sarah’s mind off her husbands third deployment to Iraq has slowly evolved into something special. The camaraderie that comes with Beer League, of seeing the same folks every week, is a sweet thing. The open acceptance of new faces by our League is something that I personally cherish, along with the semi-annual fundraisers we have for the St. Louis Food Bank or Hope for Kids with Cancer. These small acts of giving and sharing of our excesses becomes a meal or comfort for a single person, but in reality we are helping entire families.

As always, I am proud of my beer-swilling, slacker friends.

Tonight’s Festivities! / Excel brewing is in the house / Beer Sign Raffle / Giveaways / Pot Lucky’s / Donation to STL Food Bank

This weeks beer is My Hoppy Valentine from Excel Brewing. I wasn’t able to find any info about this beer on the Excel website, but that’s cool, because we can harass them about their lack of beer info tonight, when Excel sends a rep or two out with giveaways and prizes! I guess the whole ditching Coke and going all Excel sodas from the soda gun went over… okaaaaayyyy… except there’s no freggin’ Ski on that soda gun.

That must be some sorta sacrilege.

My Hoppy Valentine has NO scores on any of the beer aggregators – Beer Advocate, RateBeer, or Untappd. Untappd has a few reviews, all positive, and one of them called this beer, “The hoppiest brown ale I have ever had!” which bodes well for us tonight. Make sure you tell the Excel rep what you think of this beer – and as a bonus, I’ll give an extra stamp and buy the first person who writes a review of this beer on BA a beer of their choosing. Not a bad deal, you know?

The rumor is that Excel has a dang few giveaways for tonight, and we’re going to do the traditional Beer Sign raffle, with all the proceeds going to the St. Louis Area Food Bank.

And we’re having a flippin’ POT LUCK! with some of the most dangerously good food to ever grace a bar. We’re bringing a bacon cheeseball, and Chuck is going to bring the same thing he brought last week, when he thought we were having the pot luck. That stuff was good.

So we’ll see you tonight for all the grandeur we can muster… and if you’re lucky, we may just crown you Sub-Captaineer. This does not make you the Captaineer of a submarine, but rather you’ll be entrusted with the Secrets of Beer League ™ and you’ll get a crown. That you have to wear while you sleep.

See you tonight, Beer Leaguer!

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