Sam Adams Trifecta & Beer League Turns 6!

Beer League is turning Six! Six years of getting together every Thursday to try a different beer . Six years of field trips to local breweries. Six years of fires out back on the patio laughing and arguing about if you'd rather fight 1 AB-InBev sized Schlafly or 100 Schlafly sized AB-InBevs?

In celebration we're hosting the traditional Beer League Pot Luck - and that means that James is making some vegetarian chili, as it was prophesied.

You can bring whatever - a dip, a burrito to share, two burritos to share, grilled cheese sandwiches, award-winning chili that has meat in it, hot dogs, BBQ ribs, a dozen roller meats from QT, non-award winning chili, pancakes, lizards, pancake lizards - the options are limitless!

The only thing that we ask is that you bring something delicious to share with everyone!

This weeks beers!

You read that right - plural, suckers!


Yeah, you read that one right - we have three beers for you to try this week. All are from Sam Adams (or The Boston Brewery if you're a true pedant) and all are from their new line of nitro cans.

They're different than your usual nitro offerings and we're excited about the prospect of having nitro cans to be able to take with us in places where glass isn't allowed. We'll have a running poll on our Facebook page on Thursday for you to vote on which one is your favorite - because you get a stamp for EACH ONE!

Who loves ya, Beer League!?

Sam Adams Nitro Cans at The Waiting Room in St. Louis, Missouri

Let's learn more together

Here's what Sam Adams has to say about Nitro Cans!

Nitro White Ale

Nitro beers are known for their captivating cascade and smooth creaminess.  Yet, for many, nitro is solely linked to stout.  We experimented with all sorts of styles and discovered that nitro truly can be the missing fifth beer ingredient. The first sip of our Nitro White Ale reveals a smooth velvety taste with a light wheat character and hints of orange while an undercurrent of peppery spice adds a bright finish to leave you wanting another sip.  

Nitro IPA

Our Nitro IPA is boldly bitter yet surprisingly smooth. Nitro can mute aroma and leave bitterness, particularly in IPAs, so to stand up to the creaminess of nitro we used heavy doses of dry hopping to achieve the resinous pine, spice, and citrus hop character we love. A fortitude of hop character remains with notes of resinous pine and citrus for a flavorful, lingering finish.

Nitro Coffee Stout

Our Nitro Coffee Stout is darkly enticing with its smooth, velvety cream that cascades into a jet black brew revealing a rich, robust character.  The dark roasted malts create notes of bittersweet chocolate with hints of dark fruit while the Sumatran & Indian Monsoon Malabar coffees develop a deep roasted dimension. For a deeper, yet smooth, flavor we steep the coffee beans in cold water to create an extraction that we add to this stout. 

Ratebeer Reviews

This week you get one review of each beer! Oh yeah!

rjplumber – 16/20

Nitro White Ale

Lemon and coriander aroma. Hazy golden body with a pinky finger thick head. Smooth textured with a tart lemon taste.

altonbrownd – 15/20

Nitro IPA

Tall can from Beer and Wine, Chevy Chase MD. Very cool pop to the can as it pours out. Nice bold amber body with healthy head. Nose is very hoppy of many varieties. Taste is really nice with plenty of hops in there and very creamy and oh so smooth. Really well done.

No Reviews

Nitro Coffee Stout

Just our luck... no-one has reviewed this can on RB yet - but you could be the first!

See you on Thursday!

We're excited to celebrate the six years we've been able to have Beer League at The Waiting Room with your support - and we're excited to get to celebrate with you! Between seeing all the names on the Beer League Plaque of Fame and the amount of good things that we've done (in addition to drinking beers) like food drives, supporting local business & workers in need, field trips, brewery events, and all the chili cook-off's and wing-dings at The Waiting Room we've made six years fly by.

And they flew by not just because of the camaraderie and friendships that we've made at League, but because we've managed to take what was once a tasting club and watch it become a weekly community based event that focuses on people as much as it focuses on beer.

Thanks for being those people, Beer League.

Upcoming Events

Don't miss out!

Anti Super Bowl Party


Don't care about footyballs? Do you enjoy the company of others that also don't care about footyballs? Do you like stupid shit? Soupy like Porksteak™?

Well, have we got something special instore for you!

Come on down to the grand ol' Waiting Room, located in beautiful some part of St. Ann. Every year for Stupor Bowl Sunday, we are allowed to be open to supply you with your drinking needs and requirements. Bring your most famous fart inducing food product that you enjoy making for lots of people in a party type setting. Bring a friend or 6. Bring your grandma. Bring a dog. We don't give a shit.

If you're needing more info, check out the event on facebook.

Pinball League at TWR – WPPR Ranked, Sweet 16

Pinball League at TWR is quickly making Tuesdays our favorite night at The Waiting Room – at least it’s our favorite night for pinball. Due to the success of our first session we’ll be starting our second Pinball League at TWR on Tuesday, March 8th. Want to get in on some of this hot pinball action?

It’s pretty easy – all you have to do is swing by The Waiting Room anytime between February 1st and March 8th to get signed up. But wait, there’s a catch! There are only 16 slots open for play in our league, and they’re filled on a first-come, first-served basis. So if you wanna play, don’t delay!

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