Beer League Tries Excel Brewing’s Winter Warmer.

Here we are at another crisp fall Thursday - we know it's getting close because we've received our first family holiday event notification of the year, and we're already getting excited to bring dishes to lots of Thanksgivings. Fun fact: The Captaineers aren't in charge of bringing beer to Thanksgiving events - we're actually in charge of a side dish. It's not like that stops us from filling up a couple growlers to bring along in addition to green bean casserole. What can we say, we're suckers for those little onion things.

This weeks beer is Winter Warmer from Excel Brewing, which as noted, is in Illinois - Breese to be exact. You know the name Excel because we've tried their beers in the past (and they've come and hung out at League!) as well as possibly having one of their sodas before. Another fun fact: TWR switched over to Excel sodas and mixes behind the bar a while ago.

At the Excel website they keep the beer description short & sweet:

"A warming and malty English Style Strong Ale. No spices added, just a delicious blend of four malts and English hops."

And I pulled this description off of RateBeer:

"A warming & malty English Style Old Ale with notes of mocha, honey, toffee, hazelnuts & tobacco. A perfect sipper on a cold winter’s night. Available October through January."

thegreenrooster – 15/20

Pour is a hazy brown with a large white head. Aroma is a nice toffee, caramel and brown sugar. Flavor is a nice molasses and sugar with some leathery, earthy malt. Finish is sugary sweet with some black strap molasses. This is a super sweet beer but it has plenty of other flavor aspects coming thru to make this a solid beer.

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wxman – 14/20

Right up front you need to know this is not the same brew as their previous seasonal, Winter Ale. Pours a clear dark amber with a sizable very light tan head. Aroma is caramel and spice. Taste is sweet caramel malt, buttery biscuits and a medium hop bitterness.

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There aren't a ton of reviews out there of this beer - which is going to make this evening more exciting. I do love jumping into a beer without a lot of hype beforehand.

See you tonight for a Winter Warmer or two!

Excel Brewing

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