Beer League Catchup Week: The Wreckening!


Thanks to everyone who brought some pot luck goodness and came out to Beer Leagues Sixth Anniversary last week - we had a blast hanging out with all of you!

Beer League is lucky to have The Waiting Room Bar and Venue to call home, and to have James & Shannon s patrons of our tasting team! Big ol' thanks to Val behind the bar for putting up with everyone & Justin with Schlafly Beer for kicking it up a notch and bringing out some hardcore new Schlafly gear. Carabiners are a solid hit!

Who's looking forward to trying all the beers between now and year seven?


It's a bonus stamp extravaganza!

This weeks beer is actually... beers! We're having a Beer League Catchup Week - meaning there are LOTS of different beers that can earn you a stamp. How many? I'd venture a guess that the number is around four. But the catchup weeks usually have one or two drafts that can count as a stamp, and one or two cans or bottles... plus, that six pack from three weeks ago that hid in the back of the walk-in? You can get a stamp for it.

Want to try last weeks beer from Sam Adams? Well, you can't. We ran out of that one - and for those of you placing bets it was the Nitro Coffee Stout that was the first to go, followed by the IPA. But don't worry, there are other beers to try and get a stamp for!

We'll see you tonight for some Bonus Beer Extravaganza, probably some pinball, and definitely a lot of loud conversations.

Because it's Beer League, that's why.

Upcoming Events at The Waiting Room

Don't miss out!

Anti Super Bowl Party

Sunday at 5 PM

Hi. Don't care about footyballs? Do you enjoy the company of others that also don't care about footyballs? Do you like stupid shit? Soupy like Porksteak™?

Well, have we got something special instore for you!

Come on down to the grand ol' Waiting Room, located in beautiful some part of St. Ann. Every year for Stupor Bowl Sunday, we are allowed to be open to supply you with your drinking needs and requirements. Bring your most famous fart inducing food product that you enjoy making for lots of people in a party type setting. Bring a friend or 6. Bring your grandma. Bring a dog. We don't give a shit.

If you're needing more info, check out the event on facebook.

Drunken Songwriters Showcase at The Waiting Room Bar & Venue in St. Louis, Missouri

Drunken Songwriter Showcase

Saturday, February 13at 9 PM

Only the most, angry & old drunken songwriters playing original music for you eargasams! Half open mic, half rippin' ass music, half vulgar display of acoustic guitar prowess.
Get yourself some more info from the facebook event!

Pinball League at TWR – WPPR Ranked, Sweet 16

Pinball League at TWR is quickly making Tuesdays our favorite night at The Waiting Room – at least it’s our favorite night for pinball. Due to the success of our first session we’ll be starting our second Pinball League at TWR on Tuesday, March 8th. Want to get in on some of this hot pinball action?
It’s pretty easy – all you have to do is swing by The Waiting Room anytime between February 1st and March 8th to get signed up. But wait, there’s a catch! There are only 16 slots open for play in our league, and they’re filled on a first-come, first-served basis. So if you wanna play, don’t delay!
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