Beer League Anniversary & Three Beers From Great River Brewery

Seven Years of Beer League

We don't know what to say about Beer League's 7th Birthday - because we never knew what Beer League was going to be when it was started. From those early days of Beer League through today it's really remarkable seeing all the people that make Beer League what it is. In this seven years there have been some dramatic changes in the lives of everyone at Beer League and I think all of us can count one happy event that happened on a Thursday at The Waiting Room.

It's great seeing our little beer monster all grown up! So this week let's celebrate with three draft beers from Great River Brewing company, some food to share, and try and decide which beer is our favorite.

A Review From BA

L- Pours a clear, Ruby Red with a thin, tan head. Got d lacing.
S- Malt bomb with hop bitterness. Candied citrus fruit.
T- Taste follows the nose with a huge malt backbone. The Mosaic is wonderfully citrus bitter and hangs around a long time. These two indepentent tastes work wonderfully together. Almost a slight cherry taste.
F- The malt and Mosaic hop creates a wonderful mouth feel that is bursting with flavor and warming bitter.
O- I have had almost Ll their beers, and this is their best effort. I have rated reds much higher than most people, and the addition of wonderful mosaic hop does it for me. First had Friday night with their golden keg event in which the first one is free on release day.

More from BA

L- Pours Jet black, with a thin, off white head. Some lacing.
S- A big vanilla, chocolate and coffee smell.
T- The vanilla really stands out. Chocolate and coffee arrives as well. A nice nuttiness comes in at the end. Some hop and black licorice. Hop sticks around a while.
F. Very slick feel. A bigger Medium mouthfeel.
O- A nice Porter for Great River. May challenge Red Band Stout as their best beer.

Gingerbread Stout: A closer look

Imperial milk stout brewed with crystallized ginger, locally harvested honey, spices and a touch of molasses.

Alc. 10.5% // IBUs 52
16 oz. can, 1/2 & 1/6 barrel

Seven More Years!

Food, friends, and beers - how else would we celebrate 7 years of Beer League!? 

We send out the beer every week in an email as well - some people like that more than having to go through the website or checking our facebook. So join up!

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