In 2015 TWR participated with Adopt-A-Family with the help of Emily and Sara - and had enough money left over to help another special family dear to TWR!

Adopt-A-Family – TWR Makes Wishes Come True

We Love Giving Back

We’re of the opinion that a part of being a local community bar is being, well, a part of the community. We do a lot of canned food drives, fundraisers, and benefits for friends and non-profits in the St. Louis area. Most of these are put on by TWR or Beer League but about a month ago two awesome friends of TWR approached us in regards to helping out with their Adopt-A-Family for Christmas.


The Adopt-A-Family program is dear to our hearts. The Waiting Room has always wanted to do something with both Adopt-A-Family and our friends Emily & Sara so we jumped at the idea.

As with all benefits that TWR’s patrons become a part of, their generosity is a shining example of what a motivated group of community minded individuals are capable of. Through in-hand donations at TWR and through GoFundMe, the funds were raised quickly and surpassed the goal set by Sara and Emily and raising the money needed to make Christmas the magical day that it should be for every family.

Because of the dedication of both Sara and Emily braving the Black Friday sales,they were able to stretch every dollar spent on our first family, getting everything that was requested on their need/want list. And because we raised more than was needed for our first family, we were able to add a second family close to our hearts that needed a little helping hand this season.

We love the people who make The Waiting Room the kind of place that it is, and we wanted to put a big THANK YOU out there in the world for everyone who helped to make Christmas wonderful this year for not one – but two families.

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