Excel & Pure Cane Sugar – A Better Margarita

Excel & Pure Cane Sugar

There are a lotta bars in St. Louis City & County – and when you’re looking at our stretch of the Rock Road in St. Ann, there are STILL a lot of bars. One of the (many) things that makes The Waiting Room… well… The Waiting Room is that we use Excel Bottling for all of our sodas and mixes – and that means 100% pure cane sugar. And 100% pure flavor

Why Excel?

This means that we really (and truly!) do not serve a margarita with any corn syrup in the sour mix – it’s all pure cane sugar, and it’s a mix that has a real flavor too it – not the bottled, tart sweetness that pours from most lines. The same with all of our sodas from the lines – they’re all from Excel and they are all made from 100% pure cane sugar.

We made this decision a few months ago based on criteria that matters the most to The Waiting Room and our guests. One of the most important was flavor, and we think that you’ll agree that Excel bottles and pours some delicious sodas that mix incredibly well with the myriad of spirits choices that we offer.

Still a bit skeptical? Come by anytime and we’ll pour you a taste of what a local soda tastes like. We’re proud to serve Excel at The Waiting Room.