4Hands Passion Fruit Prussia at Beer League

4Hands Passion Fruit Prussia at Beer League

We're having 4Hands Passion Fruit Prussia at Beer League this week, and we're hoping to make this a recurring theme throughout the summer. Beers that are refreshing enough to make doing yardwork / BBQ's / cleaning gutters / riding dirtbikes / changing oil / patio drinking more tolerable or a downright blast. We'd like to introduce you to them at Beer League and then hear about your adventures!

4Hands Passion Fruit Prussia is one of their seasonal offerings and we're delighted to drink it as long as it's in season. I mean, we like drinking other beers too, guys.

4Hands Passion Fruit Prussia at Beer League

We've found a delightful little St. Louis-centric beer blog called... Saint Brewis. And their reviews are damn fine, like this one about 4Hand Passion Fruit Prussia. There's a lot more on their site, definitely check it out!

  • Aroma - 4
  • Appearance - 3
  • Flavor - 4
  • Mouthfeel - 5
  • Overall - 4.5
4Hands Passion Fruit Prussia at Beer League

Beer Advocate

4.84 / 5

A perfect summer brew, slightly sour, fruit notes are solid for a 4% abv rating, most definitely in my top 3 favorite sour beers. A must try for any sour beer lover.

Rate Beer

3.8 / 5

Hazed yellow pour with creamy white head and lace. Sour light fruitiness on the nose. Passion fruit comes through on the taste. Light/medium bodied with good carbonation. very good


3.5 / 5

Refreshing. Definitely sour but complex fruity awesome juice, not just lemon concentrate.

Passion Fruit Prussia

[brewerydb_beer id=UL9P94]

Attention: It’s patio drinking weather

Don't know about you guys, but we're happy that The Waiting Room has such a huge fenced-in back patio for fires and disc golf. Someday we're gonna have a disc golf fire!

We'll see you tonight - make sure you see what's upcoming at TWR!


With Clayton Scott

This Friday 6/2!

Come get your earholes adjusted with Tumpt & Clayton Scott next Friday at The Waiting Room. Tumpt plays a scuffed-up mix of rock, blues, and crunchy country that is sure to get you goin'!

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1621615608155999/


It starts next Tuesday - signup now!

Attention ball handlers.

The next session of Pinball at The Waiting Room is set to kick off next Tuesday, June 7th. We still have slots available for you to fill, make sure you talk to one of our bartenders to get signed up if you want to play, because we want to have YOU!

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