4Hands Contact High Key Lime – It’s For Summer

Man, I can almost hear your first impression of this beer from here.

This week we're going to try a new offering from 4Hands. You may remember 4Hands for being awesome and donating money directly from selling beer. Oh, and they make really great beers, too. We're still working our way through their entire list of seasonals as well their year-round offerings, but there are only so many Thursdays and so many great beers to get to. This weeks beer is going to be no exception and the Captaineers are really, really interested to see what you think about this one.

Because we know that the base beer for this is great

We featured it before at League. We have drank them on a float. We have drank them with a goat. We have drank them in the air. We have drank them everywhere. It's one of the amazing gifts of the canning revolution - beers that used to be relegated to bottles now get to hit the backcountry without potential glass breakage and general trashing of nature. I know we mentioned it once, but it's worth repeating: float trips.

You see, the concept of a beer with lime isn’t one that we are opposed to.

In general, the Captaineers are in favor of adding fruit to anything that enhances the beer, but by no means do we demand a fruit with a beer. The beer needs to stand alone. And that's why we're really excited about this beer.

Contact High Key Lime

There's no description on the 4 Hands website so I'm gonna play fast and loose with different reviews, descriptions, and the description of Contact High:

"Not just another boring wheat ale. We made Contact High Key Lime, our spring and summer seasonal, even more exciting by adding copious amounts of pacific northwest hops and dry hopping with fresh key lime zest. Contact High pours a crystal clear yellow hue with a big candied lime & citrus aroma."

4Hands Passion Fruit Prussia at Beer League

Rate Beer

3.6 / 5

Technically there aren't really enough reviews for a score, but we're rebels:

4 oz pour on draft at ChurchKey during the SAVOR Week 4 Hands / Against The Grain tap takeover. Clear golden yellow with off-white head. Aromas of lemon lime citrus, candied citrus, light herbs. Tastes of slightly tart lemon lime, candied citrus, light herbs and floral notes. Medium body with a dry finish.


3.5 / 5

Like notes up front, resiny hop notes in the middle, clean finish

Attention: It’s patio drinking weather

Don't know about you guys, but we're happy that The Waiting Room has such a huge fenced-in back patio for smokers and disc golfers. And those of us who hate air conditioning.

We'll see you tomorrow - and get down to Urban Chestnut next Tuesday and help Missouri Rock Island Trail, Inc and their mission to preserve and expand the network of mixed-use linear parks (like old train tracks) in Missouri. All YOU gotta do is show up and drink beers!


You show up and drink beer - that's your donation.

Support Missouri Trails by Drinking Beer!


Make sure you get out to the Urban Chestnut Washington biergarten next Tuesday June 21st from 5-8pm for Steins for Support. A portion of the profits for each beer you drink next Tuesday night will be donated to Missouri Rock Island Trail, Inc and their mission to expand linear parks.

And by linear parks, they mean old train tracks converted into mixed-use trails. It's pretty awesome stuff!

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